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Directed by Iram Haq
  • YEAR 12 - FILM 10 / 
  • Canada / 
  • 2013 / 
  • Norwegian, Urdu & Swedish with English subtitles / 
  • 96 min
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"Both thought-provoking and emotional. I cannot wait to see more from [Iram Haq] down the road!"
– The Arts Guild
"Beautifully modulated over a taut 90-odd minutes...audiences remain glued to the screen!"
– The Hollywood Reporter
"It's a brave character and an even braver performance."
– Film School Rejects


Mina is a young single mother in Oslo, juggling 6 year old Felix's upbringing and her troublesome relationship with her traditional Pakistani family that doesn't approve of her life choices. Constantly looking for love in all the wrong places, Mina falls in and out of relationships with a string of men, none of them lasting very long. But when Mina meets Jesper, a Swedish film director who dearly adores her, she falls head over heels in love, willing to go to any lengths to make it work this time around.

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Customer Reviews

JeffinSeattle - Customer Review
What's a divorced mother of a young son to do? All she need is love. The consequences of how she love does not matter to her. Her family is strictly traditional and ashamed of her. The man she loves doesn't want to deal with her son, and "loves" her when it's convenient to him. Amrita Acharia is great in this film. Imagine my surprise to see her on "Dead Snow 2" the following evening. Amrita is convincing in showing different personalities. Awesome!