“A tender comment on sexuality.” —The Upcoming

Nora is a shy 14-year-old Berlin girl with a troubled mother and loving but boy-crazy older sister. During the course of the blistering hot summer, she gets her period, falls in love with another girl, learns to stand up for herself and gets her heart broken for the first time. When the heat wave finally ends, things will never be the same again.

“Superbly acted.” —The Film Stage

After years of distance and separation, twenty-something Artemis decides to return to Athens and care for her ailing father following the sudden decline in his health. Upon the discovery of a well-kept secret, she finally begins to understand the complicated man she never really knew and the underlying love that the two of them share.

“Ingenious, filled with humor.” —Asian Movie Pulse

A small Indian village: an old man is addicted to watching pornography with his friends. One fine day, he accidentally brings home a DVD with a Godard film inside it. Attracted by the newness of the film, he starts renting all of Godard’s oeuvre, leading him and his friends to attempt to organize a Godard film festival in their village.



“70 minutes of perverted bliss.” —Film Threat

Equal parts thriller, sex comedy, and gastronomy, SEXUAL DRIVE follows the seemingly unconnected lives of three people and their appetites, both culinary and carnal. In the first story, a designer worries about his sexless marriage. Next, an office worker is recovering from driving-induced panic attacks. In the third, an elite advertising agent wants to end a relationship with his lover.

“Tension-filled.” —Variety

Four short stories set along the treacherous roads of Donbas during the war. There are no safe spaces and no one can make sense of just what is going on. Even as they are trapped in the chaos, some manage to wield authority over others. Originally presented on stage and adapted by writer/director Natalya Vorozhbit.

“A remarkable work.” —Screen Daily

Ukrainian surgeon Serhiy enlists to fight Russian military forces in the Donbas region, where he is captured by enemy soldiers. As a prisoner of war, he witnesses horrifying scenes of humiliation and violence, while his medical background co-opted to dispense mercy killings to tortured victims. After his release, Serhiy returns to his former life, still suffering from the trauma of his experiences.