“Harrowingly funny....boundary-smashing.” — Variety

The latest from Austrian writer/director Jessica Hausner, one of Europe’s most fearless and provocative auteurs, CLUB ZERO follows an unassuming, yet rigorous, Miss Novak (Mia Wasikowska) as she joins the teaching staff at an international boarding school to instruct a new class on “conscious eating.” As a few devoted pupils fall deeper under her cult-like tutelage, they are given a new, even more sinister goal to aspire to – joining the ominous “Club Zero.”

“A wise and winsome coming-of-age story.” —Indiewire

When college coed Saruul takes a temporary job as a clerk in a sex shop, her poker-faced indifference makes her the perfect foil for the clientele. But it is Katya, the shop’s eccentric owner, who initiates Saruul’s journey into adulthood. From Janchivdorj Sengedorj, "one of the best voices of contemporary cinema in Mongolia” (Asian Movie Pulse), THE SALES GIRL is fueled by a splendidly original script, utterly unique characters and unexpected encounters.

“Profoundly moving” —Film Threat

A striking debut feature film from Firas Khoury, ALAM “perfectly captures teenage fearlessness and bravado along with a certain cluelessness about how the real-world works.” (Variety)



“Leaves us in deep thought about human nature.” —Modern Times Review

Legally segregated, highly surveilled, heavily filmed and intensely guarded, H2: THE OCCUPATION LAB uncovers the way a one-kilometer long street in Hebron fuels the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict: past, present, and future.

“An intelligent fable about fear and desire.” —TimeOut

Newly restored in 4k and available for the first time in North America, Austrian auteur Jessica Hausner radically upends genre tropes and preempts the resurgence of folk horror with her second and most formally audacious feature, HOTEL. The deceptively simple premise of a young woman who takes on a job as a night porter at a remote Austrian hotel and encounters unexplained phenomena amounts to a grand treatise on the inhibiting potential of imagination, the fine line between banality and terror and the looming specter of fate.

“A superbly subtle, mysterious and brilliantly composed film.” —The Guardian

Jessica Hausner’s acclaimed third feature distills the central theme of her filmography: the contentious gray area between faith and fact. Afflicted with multiple sclerosis, Christine makes a pilgrimage to the holy site of Lourdes in hopes of a miracle. Among thousands of ailed visitors, she proceeds through the well-oiled machinery of the religious tourist destination until the unbelievable happens: she is suddenly able to walk.



“"A deliciously observed, ironic take on middle-class Austrian life."” —Variety

Newly restored in 4k and available for the first time in North America, Jessica Hausner’s debut feature follows the pubescent Rita as she gradually attempts to test and break the expectations made of her. As she skips class to pursue her infatuation for a local bus driver as well as her own desires, her disapproving parents and classmates begin to question the motivation behind her provocations. However, Rita’s adolescent rebellions occlude a more sinister intention.

“A cultural acheivement.” —The New York Times

Widely considered one of the most important motion pictures ever made, FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE is a “gorgeous, intoxicating epic” (Los Angeles Times) that is both “visually spectacular” and “sumptuous in every respect” (Time Out). Spanning 50 years from the early 20th century to the tumultuous Cultural Revolution, Chen Kaige's passionate, exquisitely shot film captures the vast historical scope of a changing country while revealing the intimate and touching details of a unique, tender, heartrending love story. Restored in 4k.

“A compassionate and engaging coming-of-age tale.” —Variety

From Indonesian auteur Kamila Andini (CIGARETTE GIRL & BEFORE, NOW AND THEN), YUNI follows the titular Indonesian high school student as her dreams of pursuing a higher education become threatened after she receives a marriage proposal.



“[A] chilling, damning film.” —Sight & Sound

From the director of ONE CHILD NATION, TOTAL TRUST is an eye-opening documentary about surveillance technology, abuse of power and censorship, which follows the haunting stories of people in China who have been monitored, intimidated and even tortured.

“A pleasurable and immersive experience” —The Hollywood Reporter

Tunisia's official Oscar submission, UNDER THE FIG TREES follows young women and men working the fig harvest in Tunisia as they develop new feelings, flirt, try to understand each other, and find – and flee – deeper connections.

“A tense, fast-paced, unpredictable trip into gay part culture.” —QueerGuru

Set over a hallucinatory 24 hours, Nitzan Gilady's erotic second feature takes an unflinching look at party culture with a fast-paced electronic soundtrack by Offer Nissim and immersive cinematography. Starring Israel Ogalbo, Dean Miroshnikov and Moran Rosenblatt.