Sara Stein - Jewels in the Grave

Directed by Matthias Tiefenbacher
Omnibus Entertainment
90 Minutes
Germany, Israel
German, Hebrew
Drama, Crime, Thriller
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It is Chief Inspector Sara Stein's first case in Tel Aviv. That nobody here has been waiting for her is quickly made clear by her colleagues Shimon Ben Godin and Jakoov Blok.
Nevertheless, she is given the assignment to investigate the case, because it is her predecessor Noam Shavit, who is found dead in his apartment - suffocated under a plastic bag. Quick parallels are drawn to a robbery that is already two years old. It had the same action, theft of jewelry, even the foreign pullover fibers that are found on the bodies.

But was it really the same killer? Or did Shavit come to terms with the perpetrator and pay for it?

The trail leads Sara through the Arab Ghetto to the affluent district of Tel Aviv. But in the end, the solution is so close ...


  • Katharina Lorenz
  • Itay Tiran
  • Samuel Finzi
  • Bat-Elle Mashian

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