In Love We Trust

Directed by Wang Xiaoshuai
Film Movement
115 Minutes
Romance, Asian, Drama
Not Rated
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A divorced couple learns that the only way to save their little daughter Hehe, who suffers from Leukemia, is to have another child. Now both remarried, Mei Zhu and Xiao Lu are forced to test their love and their commitment to one another by putting their current relationships in danger. Will this passionate affair re-spark their love for one another and destroy their new marriages? In Love We Trust is a story of parenthood, love, marriage, betrayal, trust and giving, which touches upon changes in contemporary society and family life, as well as the moral and ethical dilemmas brought on by modernity.


  • Liu Weiwei
  • Zhang Jiayi
  • Yu Nan
  • Cheng Taishen
  • Zhang Chuqian
DVD Features

Bonus short: Hugo, directed by Nicholas Verso

Sound: Stereo 2.0

Discs: 1

  • Highest Rating
    "Brilliant, remarkable...a wonderously complex tale! For fans of foreign film and especially those who appreciate intellectually, ethically and morally stimulating pieces, you won't do any better than the superlative In Love We Trust."
    Jen Johans, Film Intuition
  • Highest Rating
    "Extraordinary, delicate [and] honest!"
    David Cornelius,
  • Highest Rating
    "[An] extremely moving film...full of fascinating and highly specific details of life in today's China, as well as excellent performances all around."
    James Van Maanen, Trust Movies

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