She Wolf

Directed by Tamae Garateguy
Omnibus Entertainment
92 Minutes
Horror, Thriller, Action
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She Wolf is a serial killer who traps her men in the subway in Buenos Aires. She seduces, has sex with them and kills them. But one of those men is a police officer who is investigating her crimes. Running away from him, she meets a dealer with whom she starts a relationship. This romance unravels a war between her three personalities: the monster woman, the sensual woman and the human woman who can still love.

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  • Highest Rating
    "A blistering, punk rock take on the Euro-sleaze movies of the late ’60s and early ’70s.... Rising director Tamae Garateguy puts a woman’s touch on her gritty black & white offering for a unique spin with this erotic thriller."
    Todd Brown, Fantastic Fest
  • Highest Rating
    "“She Wolf” is go for the jugular weirdness but it constantly keeps you watching."
    Andy Dursin, Film Score
  • Highest Rating
    "At the end of the day, how much you enjoy She Wolf is going to come down to how much you like the idea of low-brow concepts and high-brow aesthetics smashed together in a fun genre cocktail. At the very least, it’s likely to be unlike most other films you see this year – and in this media environment that is often recommendation enough. "
    Kayvan Rezaiezadeh, Cryptic Rock
  • Highest Rating
    "She Wolf sounds more like a horror movie and sure this has some kills, but it’s more a thriller to me. It’s well paced and wraps up pretty nicely. Not a bad little hidden flick."
    Ken Murray, The Nerds Templar


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