Directed by Avie Luthra
Film Movement
100 Minutes
South Africa
Zulu, Hindi, English
Coming of Age, Black Cinema, Drama
Not Rated
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How could a recently orphaned, 10-year old homeless South African boy ever be called Lucky? Over the grave of his dead mother, Lucky makes a promise to make something of himself. Leaving the security of his remote Zulu village for the big city with the hope of going to school, he arrives on the doorstep of an uncle who has no use for him. Lucky then falls in with Padma, an elderly Indian woman with an inherent fear of Africans, who takes him in as she would a stray dog. Together, unable to speak each other's language, they develop an unlikely bond. Through an odyssey marked by greed, violence, and, ultimately, belonging, Lucky shows how a child's spirit can bring out decency, humility and even love in adults struggling to survive in the new South Africa.


  • Shile Dlamini
  • Jayashree Basavaraj
  • Highest Rating
    "An emotionally resonant portrait of contemporary South Africa...delicate and real...extraordinarily touching."
  • Highest Rating
    "A simple but profoundly moving portrait of humanity...a wonderful little gem."
  • Highest Rating
    "Lucky is both touching and believable without being heavy-handed and sappy."
    Vanessa Martinez, indieWIRE

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