I Am Sun Mu

Directed by Adam Sjöberg
Film Movement
88 Minutes
China, South Korea, USA
Documentary, Biography
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Operating under a pseudonym which means "no boundaries", North Korean defector, Sun Mu, doesn't just paint about his troubled life in the world’s most reclusive and repressive state - he paints images of hope. Sun Mu's work is imbued with nuance and heartbreak, political pop art that inverts the propaganda work he used to paint for the North Korean regime. In July of 2014, Sun Mu is offered an historic, though potentially dangerous, opportunity - a solo exhibition in the capital of Asian Art - China. As he prepares his show undercover, an unexpected turn of events puts Sun Mu and all of his friends and family in danger.


  • Sun Mu
  • Highest Rating
    "[S]heds a sharp light on the lengths to which tyranny will go to in order to maintain its monolithic façade."
    Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter
  • Highest Rating
    "“I Am Sun Mu,” tells his incredible story as an artist who uses his skills to speak out against the government that trained him."
    Edward Davis, Indiewire
  • Highest Rating
    "The film chronicles the activist efforts of former North Korean propaganda artist turned cultural conscience Sun Mu as he readies for an exhibition of his work on the authoritarian nation. His work is shrewd and provocative, and this film is an equally strong call to action and celebration of artistic expression."
    Pat Mullen, POV Magazine

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