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Directed by Bouli Lanners
  • YEAR 7 - FILM 2 / 
  • Belgium / 
  • 2008 / 
  • French with English subtitles / 
  • 80 min
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"A funny and melancholy road picture [full of] weird and wonderful characters."
– Ray Bennett, Film Journal International
"Writer-director Bouli Lanners's tale ... has all the hallmarks of our own homegrown odes to two-lane blacktops."
– Time Out New York
"The beauty of the cinematography adn the wonderous music...packs an emotional wallop."
– Jen Johans, Film Intuition


Yvan and Elie are two loners who wander aimlessly through their lives. Yvan is a quick-tempered 40-year-old vintage car dealer while Elie is a young burglar and ex-junkie. One day Yvan catches Elie trying to rob him. Instead of beating him up, Yvan becomes strangely attached to him and agrees to drive him home to his parents in his old Chevrolet. Yvan and Elie are both nostalgic about lost relationships, which is what leads them to undertake a bizarre journey through a region that is as spectacular as it is crazy. Both are trying to find the pieces of a puzzle that they want to put back together, but it might be too late.

Editorial Reviews

"Beautiful!...Poignantly juggles absurdism and melancholy."

--Stephen Holden / The New York Times - Review

"genuinely funny…smart and confident"

--Melissa Anderson, The Village Voice - Review

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Customer Reviews

Jeff in Seattle - Customer Review
Funny and warm film about two guys on a road trip. One to return to his parents. One to reclaim his family ties that's no longer in existent.


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Yvan (Bouli Lanners) and Elie (Fabrice Adde) in car
ELDORADO Movie Photo
Bouli Lanners (director and film character, Yvan)
ELDORADO Movie Photo
Yvan (Bouli Lanners) and Elie (Fabrice Adde) in trailer
ELDORADO Movie Photo
Yvan (Bouli Lanners) and Elie (Fabrice Adde) at kitchen table
ELDORADO Movie Photo
Yvan (Bouli Lanners) jogging
ELDORADO Movie Photo
Yvan (Bouli Lanners) and Elie (Fabrice Adde) in the river
ELDORADO Movie Photo
Eldorado Poster Art
Directed by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern
Rural neighbors who hate each other come to blows one day on a farm and get tangled up in an agricultural tractor, leaving them both paralyzed, wheelchair-bound, and simmering with spite. But rather than feel sorry for themselves, the embittered paraplegics decide to seek revenge against the tractor's manufacturer. They take to the road, redirecting their frustrations with their plights towards the people they meet on the way to Helsinki. Captured in sharp black-and-white Cinemascope photography that complements its exquisite Tati-like sight gags, Aaltra undermines conventional attitudes toward the disabled with its dry wit and acerbic, vengeful characters. Look for some recognizable cameos, including famous Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki.
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