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Directed by Srdan Golubovic
  • YEAR 6 - FILM 10 / 
  • Serbia, Germany and Hungary / 
  • 2007 / 
  • Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles / 
  • 102 min
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"Beautifully executed. Deeply moving. A thoroughly involving cinematic experience."
– Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter


Shortly after learning that his young son has only days to live, a mysterious stranger appears and offers to save the boy's life if his father will murder a complete stranger. The man must choose between the life of his child and his own mortality. In this cat and mouse thriller no one is as they appear and death and intrigue lurk around every corner. THE TRAP will leave you asking if murder is ever justified?

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By Deborah Young


--Deborah Young - Review

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Customer Reviews

Jeff in Seattle - Customer Review
The Trap has kept me engrossed from the beginning to the end and never lets me go. Our protagonist, Mladen, must go through a moral dilemna and face the consequences of his actions. Be careful of what you wish for. You just might get it.

Danny Martin - Customer Review
Ask yourself if you'd kill to save your child? Now, ask yourself if you knew that the person you'd have to kill would be a huge loss to someone you know? Thus, the conundrum Mladen is thrown into. Conflicted by obligation to save his son, and the guilt for the murder he commits to save him, Mladen's emotional rollercoaster is impactful, compassionate, and engrossing.

Daria Zieminska - Customer Review
A big disappointment. Poor acting, the child actor does'n make you believe he is really waking up from a deep sleep. And the premise: a dilemma between seing your loved one succumb to an illness and killing a relative stranger for money. If that was a serious dilemma for the protagonist, I wonder who identifies with him and who wants to watch to follow his drama for two hours.


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THE TRAP Movie Photo
Mladen (Nebojša Glogovac) with his wife Marija (Nataša Ninković)
THE TRAP Movie Photo
Mladen (Nebojša Glogovac) with Marija (Nataša Ninković) in their car
THE TRAP Movie Photo
Mladen (Nebojša Glogovac) carrying his sick child
THE TRAP Movie Photo
Mladen (Nebojša Glogovac) and Kosta Antic (Miki Manojlović) meet in a café
THE TRAP Movie Photo
Jelena (Anica Dobra)
THE TRAP Movie Photo
The Trap poster (hi res)
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