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Directed by Valerie Buhagiar
This short film is not available for purchase individually. It can be purchased with the feature film, AUGUST THE FIRST.
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Tell Us the Truth Josephine is a 15 minute experimental drama about a Maltese woman searching for home on stilts. To find a home, she must accept the truth and when she does she can come off her stilts and land.

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Customer Reviews

Karel - Customer Review

Heidi - Customer Review
wow, saw this on verizon on demand.I disagree with jeff, and the synopsis is terrible. the filming is so well done and the music is perfect. my favorite part is when jesus winks at the little girl, that was really a bold move. overall a really good independent film!

Jeff in Seattle - Customer Review
I had to read the synopsis to understand the short film. OK, I understood that Josephine was running from her past, but I never fully understood how or why she eventually accepted her past after harboring them for so long. The premise was good, but I didn't think that it was well executed.