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Directed by Lucia Puenzo
  • YEAR 6 - FILM 5 / 
  • Argentina / 
  • 2007 / 
  • Spanish with English subtitles / 
  • 91 min
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"Delicate, emotionally potent."
– Manohla Dargis, The New York Times


For just about everybody, adolescence means having to confront a number of choices and life decisions, but rarely any as monumental as the one facing 15 year-old Alex (Ines Efron,) who was born an intersex child.  As Alex begins to explore her sexuality, her mother invites friends from Buenos Aires to come for a visit at their house on the gorgeous Uruguayan shore, along with their 16-year-old son Álvaro (Martin Piroyanski.) Alex is immediately attracted to the young man, which adds yet another level of complexity to her personal search for identity, and forces both families to face their worst fears.

Editorial Reviews

By Jonathan Holland

The psychological fallout from alternative sexualities is explored to subtle and penetrating effect in Lucia Puenzo's XXY…in which…accomplishment matches ambition.

--Jonathan Holland/ Variety - Review

Allan Hunter in Cannes

The familiar agonies of adolescence are given a fresh slant and a perceptive treatment in XXY, a quietly impressive first feature from novelist and documentary maker Lucía Puenzo…Refusing to sensationalise the subject of a teenager with genital ambiguity, she creates a thoughtful, well-measured reflection on sexuality, identity and the struggle to follow the heart's desire….

--Allan Hunter/ Screen Daily - Review

By Richard James Havis

"Raw-edged and moving…thoroughly nuanced… a tough, engaging, extremely touching work of cinema."

--Richard James Havis/ The Hollywood Reporter - Review


By Harvey Karten

“Given the sincere, exquisite acting and patient unraveling of intimate details, “XXY” leaves the audience feeling refreshed…”

--Harvey Karten/ Compuserve - Review

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Customer Reviews

Amanda - Customer Review
WOW! I just watched this film and it is one of the most powerful films I've ever seen. Within the first 5 minutes I was spellbound. It was like watching an amazing dance or listening to the perfect song -- everything was so tense, so riveting, and yet so real. I felt so emotionally connected to the characters. What brave performances. If I could desribe the film in one word it would be BEAUTIFUL.

Mark H - Customer Review
This is really a wonderful film about a very unusual topic. Set in an isolated part of Uruguay, a fmaily of marine biologists and their daughter hide from the general public. When an Argentine doctor and his wife and son visit, we begin to learn what is going on. The bleakness of the terrain adds to the bleakness that Kraken, the biologist, feels about his situation. The sexual encounter between Alex and Alvaro is shocking and erotic. I feel this is a must see.

Jade Lynn - Customer Review
I think this is one of the best movies I have seen in my life. I don't know what else to say. This movie is indescribable. Amazing...

Daglas viliom. - Customer Review

JeffinSeattle - Customer Review
XXY deals with a life of an intersex person (Alex). We'll see how Alex deals with pressures to decide on a gender and how to deal with a community's fascination with this rare condition. Ines Efron plays Alex very well. It is a role that is difficult and potentially unprecedented in a leading role. Efron pulls it off very well. This film avoids being a "cause du jour" format and it is an excellent drama film.

Paul - Customer Review
Nice complicated and touching movie. The music was fantastic and I wish there was some more information available on the composer or group El Rayo Rublo


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Kraken (Ricardo Darín) hides behind door
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Alex (Inés Efron) in bed
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Alex (Inés Efron) with her mother (Valeria Bertuccelli) and a friend (Ailín Salas) in bed
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Alex (Inés Efron) and Alvaro (Martín Piroyansky)
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Alex (Inés Efron) and boys
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Alex (Inés Efron) and her father (Ricardo Darín)
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