Watch at Home 05.10.2024

H2: The Occupation Lab

Directed by Idit Avrahami, Noam Sheizaf
Film Movement
94 Minutes
Israel, Canada
Arabic, Hebrew, English
Documentary, Jewish
Not Rated

Along a one-kilometer-long road in the heart of the Palestinian city of Hebron lies H2, a neighborhood with a Jewish settlement closely guarded and highly surveilled by the Israeli military. At the end of this stretch of road lies the Cave of the Patriarchs, where Jews and Muslims believe their common father, Abraham, is buried. This is where both the Hebron Massacre of 1929 took place and where the policy of ethnic separation was first implemented by the Israeli military. Rich with history of Jews and Muslims and the only city in the State of Palestine with a Jewish settlement, H2 has acted as both a microcosm for the entire conflict and as a laboratory for the methods of control implemented by the Israeli occupation of the West Bank for over 50 years.

Leaving viewers H2: The Occupation Lab is a clear-eyed case-study using archival footage and interviews to tell the city's history and how it has fueled the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Director & Cast

  • Director: Idit Avrahami
  • Director: Noam Sheizaf



  • "H2: The Occupation Lab leaves us in shock and deep thought about human nature – a traditional narration, presenting historical events unfolding in scope of over 50 years, well researched and richly documented from various points of view, once again proves its effectiveness in moving minds and hearts."
    Aleksandra Biernacka, Modern Times Review
  • "As the title indicates, Hebron was and is a laboratory for the methods used throughout the West Bank, and H2 makes the cruelty of those methods painfully clear."
    Mitchell Abidor, Jewish Currents
  • "There’s no overt case-pleading in the dispassionate assembly of materials here. But a furious gist emerges still, of a methodical, hostile long-term takeover amidst escalating violence and chaos on both sides. Important viewing...."
    Dennis Harvey, 48 Hills