Freedom's Fury

Directed by Colin Keith Gray
Fortissimo Films
90 Minutes
Documentary, Sports, War
Sports, Russian/Slavic Studies, Eastern European, War and Peace
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Australia, December, 1956: The Melbourne Summer Olympics are underway. Among the international cadre of world-class athletes is the Hungarian waterpolo team— an emerging powerhouse in the sport led by star player, Ervin Zador. Though the defending champions from the previous Olympic Games, tensions are high from the start— just two weeks prior, anti-communist protests in Budapest led to a countrywide Hungarian Revolution that was brutally suppressed by the Soviet Union, leaving over 15,000 people killed or executed. Going into the semi-final round, when Hungary is matched with the Soviet Union, an epic showdown take places. Fighting to defend not only their title but for Hungary, what followed is now known as "the Bloodiest Game in Olympic History."


  • Mark Spitz
  • Highest Rating
    Russell Edwards, Variety
  • Highest Rating
    "[F]ilms that take water polo as their subjects are few and far between, at least in part because of the great difficulty of making the sport interesting to an audience beyond its participants. In the case of Freedom’s Fury, that obstacle is overcome via a focus on a single match, and the revolutionary politics that surrounded it."
    Martha Fischer, Moviephone
  • Highest Rating
    "Far from a straight sports documentary, Freedom's Fury is uplifting and bittersweet, framing the drama of an athletic afternoon within the global political picture."
    Jason Ferguson, Orlando Weekly


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