The Tiger of Eschnapur

Directed by Fritz Lang
Film Movement Classics
101 Minutes
Germany, France, Italy
German, English
Classics, Romance, Thriller
Not Rated

In Eschnapur, a local Maharajah and a German architect fall in-love with the same temple dancer.

Director & Cast




  • "Packed with romance, action and humour, Der Tiger also features some solid performances, especially from Swiss actor Paul Hubschmid, and is an all-round success. "
    Michael Ewins, E-film Blog
  • "[A]n utterly glorious late testimonial and summative work from one of cinema’s titans."
    Roderick Heath, Film Freedonia
  • "It's a clear precursor to the Indiana Jones series, though definitely not as fast-paced. Yet it's perhaps Lang's most open-aired use of color, and wonderful, late-period entertainment. "
    Jeffrey Anderson, Combustible Celluloid

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