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Swedish Wildcats

Directed by Joseph W. Sarno
Film Movement Classics
85 Minutes
Drama, Erotic, Classics

British bombshell Diana Dors camps it up as Aunt Marghareta, owner of an exotic Copenhagen brothel staffed by an assortment of international beauties, in this delectable fantasy from sexploitation auteur Joseph Sarno. Each night, Marghareta’s Maison puts on a titillating show highlighting her menagerie of exotic beauties, who are then auctioned off to the highest bidders. Her most popular act, the eponymous “Swedish Wildcats," portrayed by her nieces, may be in jeopardy when the girls pursue true love outside the brothel doors.

Filmed in Copenhagen, SWEDISH WILDCATS is full of “gorgeous location photography, a lovely leading lady…and an eye-popping floorshow sequence” (

Director & Cast

  • Director: Joseph W. Sarno
  • Starring: Diana Dors
  • Starring: Cia Löwgren
  • Starring: Christina Lindberg

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  • "Plenty of gorgeous location photography, a lovely leading lady (resembling Candice Rialson at times), Diana Dors hamming it up and an eye-popping floorshow sequence."
  • "Joseph Sarno fans, consider this one a must own."
  • "The dance numbers are the rightful centerpiece of the film, as they are all well done and unique. …one of his best for pure sexploitation."
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