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Alexandra's Project

A regular suburban family man comes home from work on his birthday to find a deserted house and a videotape waiting to be played.

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Jasper Jones

A riveting and moving Australian coming of age story about Charlie Bucktin, a bookish boy of 14.

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Little Sparrows

Against the backdrop of an Australian summer, 3 divergent sisters face turning points in their lives and romantic entanglements while watching their mother’s heroic battle with cancer.

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My Mistress

What starts as a beautiful and strangely innocent affair between a vulnerable teenage romantic and a French S&M mistress soon becomes more dangerous.

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Graham McGahan is a Melbourne police officer beset with a painful ringing sound in his ears. The pain becomes so intense that it causes him to pass out at a train station one night -- the same night a...

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A teenager has his dreams of medical school destroyed when he gets caught cheating. As punishment, his parents banish him to the countryside for the summer, where he meets a conman who calls himself T...

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The Art of the Short Film

Includes 3 Academy Award nominated shorts!

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The Rage in Placid Lake

A troubled teenager undergoes a radical transformation after the screening of a scandalous student film and his subsequent fall from a roof.

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