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Red Peony Gambler

Directed by Kôsaku Yamashita
Film Movement Classics
98 Minutes
Action, Drama, Thriller, Classics, Asian
Not Rated

Oryu (Fuji Junko) is invited to stay with a local yakuza boss of a silk farming town. When a rival gang murders the boss Oryu takes it upon herself to protect his business and family. The huge success of this film kicked off what became the eight-film Red Peony Gambler (Hibotan Bakuto) series for Toei.

Director & Cast

  • Director: Kôsaku Yamashita
  • Starring: Junko Fuji
  • Starring: Ken Takakura
  • Starring: Tomisaburô Wakayama
  • Starring: Kyôsuke Machida

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  • "Yamashita's classically constructed script subordinates action to character and makes good use of romantic and comic sub-plots. Yamashita also has a flair for minor characterization that makes each scene rich in emotional detail and gives depth to conventional material."
    John Belton, The Village Voice
  • "[T]he incredible tightness of the script partnered with a strong sense of character, performances, and execution of the visuals make The Red Peony Gambler a brilliant film. Not only is it one of the best ninkyo eiga I’ve seen in the yakuza genre, but it’s a standout film for how it challenges its own tropes in subtle ways."
    Matt Reifschneider, Blood Brothers