Two Hundred Thousand Dirty

Directed by Timothy L. Anderson
Timothy L. Anderson
Corinth Films
89 Minutes
Theatrical booking
Erin Farrell
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Erin Farrell
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Erin Farrell


Few things in life are more depressing and monotonous than being stuck in a hopeless, dead-end job in a decaying American urban strip mall. Native to this environment and products of outdated pop culture are Rob (Mark Greenfield) and Manny (Coolio), the unsuccessful, unrefined and uncouth sales force behind Affordable Mattress. The pair fill their days shifting around unsold mattress inventory, taking smoke breaks, washing windows and shooting the breeze under the mismanagement of irritable store manager and ex-crack addict Preston (Kenneth McGregor). Reminiscent of Melville's Bartleby, their employment and plight endures in spite of no sales, no real skills and no hope. Prompted by permanently absent Corporate, Preston hires the charming Isabelle (Rocío Verdejo, lead English debut) to combat dismal sales and with the help of fellow strip mall burnout Martin (C. Clayton Blackwell), an incompetent and murderous life insurance scheme is undertaken that inspires a common goal 200,000 dollars.