The Rebellion of the Hanged

Directed by Alfredo B. Crevenna, Emilio Fernández
Alfredo B. Crevenna, Emilio Fernández
Music Video Distributors, Inc.
85 Minutes
Drama, Action, Classics
Not Rated
Aspect Ratio: 1.37:1
Sound: Mono
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Maxwell Wolkin
Festival and non-theatrical booking
Erin Farrell
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A logging camp, deep in the Mexican jungle is the setting for this dark, cataclysmic drama. A man and his family go to work in a mahogany camp, only to find themselves and their coworkers treated as semi-slave laborers and the recipients of beatings and brutal punishments. Pushed to the brink of fury, the man decides the only way out for himself, and his coworkers, is for him to lead them in a violent and bloody revolt against their oppressors. Restored in 4K from a 35mm negative by the Cineteca Nacional de Mexico.