Raining in the Mountain

Directed by King Hu
King Hu
Film Movement Classics
120 Minutes
Taiwan, Hong Kong
Action, Drama, Classics
Not Rated
Screening Formats:
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Sound: Mono
Theatrical booking
Clemence Taillandier
Festival and non-theatrical booking
Maxwell Wolkin
Materials and print traffic
Jimmy Weaver
Press Inquiries
Michael Krause


From legendary director King Hu (A Touch of Zen). The story of a secluded Ming Dynasty monastery which rests on a mountain. A corrupt general and an ambitious esquire arrive there and quickly employ martial artists to help steal a sacred handwritten scroll of Tripitaka hidden in the monastery's library. Meanwhile, the abbot of the monastery looks for a successor, and he sets his sight on a man falsely accused by the corrupt general of being a thief and condemned some time ago. The man has just been released from prison and comes to the monastery to seek a peaceful life. The abbot names the former convict as his successor before dying, and this action sets in motion a series of betrayals and murders in the struggle for the invaluable Tripitaka scroll.

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