Peppermint Candy

Directed by Lee Chang-Dong
Lee Chang-Dong
Film Movement Classics
129 Minutes
South Korea
Drama, Classics, Asian
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A powerful work of Korean New Wave cinema and Lee Chang Dong’s second directorial feature, PEPPERMINT CANDY spans 20 years in the life of one man, Yongho, from his callow teens through his fraught, self-hating middle age. Presented in seven chapters in reverse-chronological order, the film begins with Yongho’s untimely suicide and ends with a first date full of the promise and verve of youth. The moments in between these events as seen through lens of Yongho’s life observe South Korea’s fraught political history during of late 20th century, and in turn elegize a generation of marginalized people with “a quiet, heartbreaking power...,” (A.O. Scott, The New York Times). A new 4K restoration.

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