Lila Lila

Directed by Alain Gsponer
Alain Gsponer
Corinth Films
107 Minutes
Comedy, Romance
Theatrical booking
Jimmy Weaver
Festival and non-theatrical booking
Maxwell Wolkin
Materials and print traffic
Jimmy Weaver
Press Inquiries
Michael Krause


David Kern (Daniel Brühl) is a hapless waiter who chances upon an unpublished novel in an old dresser he buys at a flea market. Desperate to impress Marie (Hannah Herzsprung), a young woman he fancies, he presents the manuscript to her as his own. Marie is fascinated and surprises David by submitting it to a publisher. The book quickly becomes a literary sensation must to David's dismay. David's guilt of his deception becomes very stressful; but it's nothing compared to the panic that follows when the real author, Jacky (Henry Hubchen) surfaces to talk to David about their newfound predicament.