Les Choses de la Vie

Directed by Claude Sautet
Claude Sautet
Film Movement Classics
85 Minutes
France, Switzerland, Italy
Romance, Drama
Not Rated
Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
Sound: Mono
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Pierre (Michel Piccoli), a middle-aged engineer, has his life flash before his eyes after being involved in a horrific car accident. While falling in and out of consciousness, he reflects on the recent events that have transpired between him and estranged wife, Catherine (Lea Massari), and his young lover, Hélène (Romy Schneider).

Based on the acclaimed Paul Guimard novel Intersection, Les Choses de la vie (The Things of Life) won the 1969 Louis Delluc Prize and was the first of five film collaborations between Romy Schneider and director Claude Sautet.

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