#AnneFrank: Parallel Stories

Directed by Sabina Fedeli, Anna Migotto
Sabina Fedeli, Anna Migotto
Film Movement
95 Minutes
Documentary, Biography
Not Rated
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#AnneFrank: Parallel Stories is a compelling documentary that intertwines Anne Frank's poignant legacy with the experiences of five Holocaust survivors who shared parallel journeys to her. Their narratives serve as a powerful reminder of the consequences of intolerance and discrimination, and urge audiences to reflect on the importance of empathy, tolerance, and the preservation of human rights. Transcending time and geography, the film also connects the struggles of the past with the challenges young people face today. With a blend of emotional storytelling and historical documentation, the film offers a multi-faceted perspective on one of history's darkest chapters, encouraging viewers to confront the past and consider its implications for the present and future.

Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren and produced in collaboration with Anne Frank Fond Basel, #AnneFrank: Parallel Stories delves into the iconic diary, providing a profound exploration of her thoughts and emotions during the harrowing times of World War II.