A NY Thing

Directed by Olivier Lécot
Olivier Lécot
Film Movement
81 Minutes
USA, France
English, French
Romance, Drama, Comedy
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3 days improvised in New York. 3 days during which Antoine pretends to be "John" at Arhur's, who dates Alice, whom Antoine desperately loves. 3 days to see that all women aren't as romantic as him. 3 days to test his potential as a comic, his talent as a liar, his French charm, his existential melancholy, his lack of resistance to opium, and what is so complicated about twisting fate. 3 days to love New York and be loved in return.

Starring Jonathan Zaccaï, Greta Gerwig, Fanny Valette, Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Leo Fitzpatrick.