God of the Piano

Directed by Itay Tal
Film Movement
80 Minutes
Drama, Music, Jewish

Music is all she has. Anat has never been able to reach her father’s musical standards and her hope for fulfillment is dependent on the embryo that is in her womb. When the baby is born deaf she cannot accept it and takes extreme measures to ensure that her child will be the composer that her father always wanted. But when the young pianist doesn’t respect his grandfather, his own glory remains uncertain. Now, Anat will have to stand up to her father.

Anat is played by well-known Israeli actress Naama Preis (winner of the Best Actress award for her performance in this film at the Jerusalem Film Festival), whose filmography includes a hat-trick of features in Cannes Critics’ Week – “From the Diary of a Wedding Photographer” (2016), “Beyond the Mountains and Hills” (2016) and “The Kindergarten Teacher” (2015).

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  • "Anat is a young woman who will let nothing get in her way, least of all accidents of nature, in this tightly-scripted and quietly chilling first feature from Israeli director Itay Tal. Prepare to be shaken and stirred. A slick and enjoyable drama and a brilliant debut from Itay Tal."
    Meredith Taylor, Filmuforia
  • "This stylish first feature negotiates its themes – the overlap between parental ambition and borderline abuse, what it means to be labeled ‘gifted’ – with the same control and precision that Anat and her family bring to their chosen profession. But there is also a cagey restraint here; like Anat, the film guards its secrets jealously. The result is genuinely impressive: this is storytelling which is as enigmatic as it is compelling. Not surprisingly, the use of music throughout is superb. The obvious comparison, both in the rarefied milieu and in the atmosphere of high achieving dysfunction, is the work of Michael Haneke. While the self harm in God Of The Piano is mental rather than physical, there is a clear tonal harmony with Haneke’s The Piano Teacher."
    Wendy Ide, Screen Daily
Best Actress
Jerusalem Film Festival
Big Screen Award
Rotterdam Int'l. Film Festival
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