Van Gogh: Of Wheat Fields and Clouded Skies

Directed by Giovanni Piscaglia
Film Movement
90 Minutes
Art, European Studies, History
Not Rated
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A stunning new exploration of the life and work of Van Gogh, through the eyes of his most devoted admirer and owner of the largest private collection of his artworks.

Gain unprecedented access to legendary artistic treasures and experience the rare architectural beauty of the Kröller-Müller Museum. With a special focus on the importance of drawing as part of his artistic technique, be immersed in the life of one of the world’s greatest artists as Van Gogh’s story reveals itself from Paris to Provence.

Van Gogh: Of Wheat Fields and Clouded Skies tells the story of the Van Gogh's burning passion for art, bringing together 40 remarkable paintings and 85 drawings from the Kröller-Müller Museum in Holland.

"This video can be enjoyed by public library patrons interested in art as well as college students studying Van Gogh. The broad selection of the artist's works seen, with the advantage of being able to see them close-up, as well as the insightful letter excerpts and commentary, makes this video highly recommended." - EMRO

"This educational documentary focuses on Helene Kröller-Müller and her collection of Vincent Van Gogh art...As portrayed in the early part of this documentary, Helene and Vincent were two souls looking for an absolute kind of faith that couldn’t exist in real life. They both found their spiritual dimensions in the paintings. It is a beautiful tribute from Helene. We explore his life and work through her eyes as his most devoted admirer and owner of the largest private collection of his artwork...Van Gogh: Of Wheat Fields and Clouded Skies is suitable for art majors. They can learn that experimentation leads to self-discovery and embracing one’s individuality." - Video Librarian


  • Valeria Bruni Tedeschi


Awards & Recognition

Best Art Documentary
Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

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