The Most Important Thing in Life is Not Being Dead

Directed by Olivier Pictet, Pablo Martín Torrado, Marc Refuenco
Corinth Films
80 Minutes
European Studies
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Jacobo has been repairing pianos for 40 years, all the while his wife has been secretly harboring her lover - political fugitive wanted by the Franco regime - in a secret basement beneath their house. The fugitive's presence keep the marriage, the household, and the community around them in a delicate balance until the day he can no longer remain an unseen presence.

  • Highest Rating
    "…helmers Olivier Pictet, Pablo Martin Torrado and Marc Recuenco do often delight the eye and ear, their flair for whimsical meta-cinema at ties recallig early works by Jeunet & Caro and Jaco van Dormael, among others."
    Dennis Harvey, Variety


Awards & Recognition

Official Selection
Sitges Film Festival
Official Selection
Mill Valley Film Festival