Directed by Wolf Gremm
  • Germany / 
  • 1982 / 
  • German with English subtitles / 
  • 106 min
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"[KAMIKAZE 89] is a footnote to film history..."
– Vincent Canby, The New York Times
"For those rabid Rainer-maniacs who can't get enough of the late, great director, KAMIKAZE 89 is a must -- if only to see Fassbinder in his leopard-skin suit..."
– TV Guide


In his final acting role, legendary auteur Rainer Werner Fassbinder (clad in an iconic leopard skin suit) stars as hardboiled detective Jansen. In a neon-drenched futuristic dystopia ruled by a multimedia conglomerate called The Combine, Jansen is sent on a labyrinthine investigation when their headquarters is threatened with mass destruction by a phantom bomber. This essential cult classic features an hypnotic electronic score by Tangerine Dream's Edward Froese as well as gleefully mind-bending production design.


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Kamikaze '89 Director Wolf Gremm
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