How do I know what platform is being used for my film rental? 

The name of the platform will be in the upper right of the web page from which you rent the film (Eventive or Film Movement Plus) if it is one of our two virtual cinema platforms.  If the website does not include either of those names at the top of the page, then you are on another platform which the individual theater is using for all of their releases.  In that event, you should see the theater's own website for FAQs, instructions and/or customer support.


Do I need to sign up for Film Movement Plus to watch a film on virtual cinema? 

No. You do not need to sign up for a Film Movement Plus subscription, and our virtual cinema offerings are not included as part of the Film Movement Plus subscription service. If you already happen to be a Film Movement Plus subscriber, you should use your same email and password to complete your virtual cinema rental purchase if it is offered on the Film Movement Plus virtual cinema platform. 


How do I "purchase a ticket" to watch a film on virtual cinema? 

Click on the theater you would like to support and select "rent". Then follow the instructions shown.


How do I watch the film that I rented on my TV? 

For more information on how to watch the film you rented, please refer to the email that was sent to you after your ticket purchase. If this does not work for you, please reach out to us for support. 


How long is my rental active? 

Once you have rented a film, you will be able to watch it for 72 hours. You can watch the film as many times as you would like during this period. 


Can I watch Virtual Cinema titles with my Film Movement Plus subscription? 

No, you must purchase a ticket from our website or the theater's website. Remember, half of the proceeds will directly benefit the independent cinema from which you purchased your ticket. 


I have a billing issue, how do I get a refund? 

Please reach out to us at and we will be able to assist you with your issue.  

For more information and help with troubleshooting your Film Movement Plus technical issue, please visit 

For more information and help with troubleshooting your Eventive technical issue, please visit