Full Moon in Paris

Directed by Eric Rohmer
Film Movement Classics
103 Minutes
Comedy, Romance, Classics

One of Eric Rohmer’s most renowned films, FULL MOON IN PARIS was originally released in 1984 to universal acclaim. Heralded as "a small masterpiece" and "the very best of Rohmer" by The New York Times, it is the story of Louise (Pascale Ogier), a young interior designer bored with her life in the sleepy suburbs with her live-in boyfriend Remi, an architect by trade and a homebody by nature. Eager to lead the life of an independent socialite in the city, Louise arranges to move back into her Paris apartment during the week. Balancing a steady boyfriend in the suburbs with a best friend, Octave (Fabrice Luchini), who makes plain his interest in her, and a bad boy musician who catches her eye at a party, eventually even the sophisticated and aloof Louise cannot untangle herself from the emotional realities of her various romantic encounters. Decades after first impressing critics and audiences alike, FULL MOON IN PARIS remains a modern, wry observation of youth and love.

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  • "Ranks with the very best of Rohmer. Enlightened self-deception is the system in this tiny universe, and it's invigoratingly comic to behold."
    Vincent Canby, The New York Times
  • "It's as elegant and incisive a comedy of manners as ever from Rohmer."
    Geoff Andrew, Time Out London
  • "Out of this Lubitschian tangle Rohmer finds Le Beau Mariage in reverse, and couches it in terms of pure rhythm still unappreciated by bookish critics."
Best Actress
Venice Film Festival
Official Selection
Venice Film Festival
Official Selection
Toronto International Film Festival

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