Directed by Gerard Corbiau
Film Movement Classics
111 Minutes
France, Italy, Belgium
French, Italian
Drama, Music, Biography

In the 18th century during Handel's time, no man was more famous or more celebrated than the castrato, Farinelli. The incredible, true story of the world famous opera singer - who was castrated during childhood in order to preserve his voice - comes to life in this Oscar-nominated drama of high notes and even higher passions.

Director & Cast




  • "Stops you in your tracks and transports you to a phantasmagorical world where music, mystery and magic hold sway."
    Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice
  • "For all its emotional extravagance and sheer Baroque lushness, "Farinelli" is actually a triumph of taut control and superb structuring. "
    Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times
  • "Farinelli is great fun and sufficiently thoughtful and complex to give food for continuing thought."
    Arthur Lazere, Culture Vulture

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