They Stole the Bomb

Directed by Ion Popescu-Gopo
Music Video Distributors, Inc.
74 Minutes
Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Not Rated
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Made without dialogue, They Stole the Bomb is a Romanian science fiction spy comedy, with a blend of pantomime, slapstick, visual gags and the occasional verbal noises delivered in the style of Mr. Bean. The story centers around a criminal gang of Runyanesque hoods who steal an atomic bomb, only to have it end up in the hands of a man, who has no idea the satchel he's carrying around town contains a deadly device. Hilarity abounds, as the petty thieves attempt to retrieve the device and end up battling with the military over ownership.


  • Iurie Darie
  • Liliana Tomescu
  • Haralambie Boros
  • Highest Rating
    "In an imaginative comedy about an innocent young man who ends up the owner of a new atomic bomb, this generally silent and effective film by Ion Popesco Gopo lobs it to everyone. This drollery owes its effectiveness, in large part, to director Gopo's acclaimed successes with animated short films."
    TV Guide
  • Highest Rating
    "Director Ion Popescu-Gopo made the transition from animation to live action with this dialogue-free spy comedy that recalls the slapstick precision of Jacques Tati and Buster Keaton. "
    Toronto Int'l. Film Festival

Awards & Recognition

Palme d'or
Cannes Film Festival
Official Selection
Thessaloniki Film Festival
Official Selection
San Francisco Int'l. Film Festival