Road North

Directed by Mika Kaurismäki
Corinth Films
110 Minutes
Comedy, Drama
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Timo, an esteemed concert pianist, gets the surprise of his life one day after arriving home after a performance only to find a homeless drunkard asleep outside his front door. The man, Leo (played by Finnish musician, actor and artist Vesa-Matti Loiri), makes the outrageous claim to be Timo's long-lost father who left the country when Timo was three and hadn't been in touch since. Leo, as mysterious and manipulative as he is slovenly, has returned to bestow his legacy upon his only son, and to re-unite him with his estranged family — Timo's sister, ex-wife and daughter. Creating more questions than answers, Leo proves to be his son's alter-ego of sorts, eventually prying him from his comfort zone and forcing him to reluctantly reconcile with shadows of the past.

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  • Highest Rating
    "The views of the vast and beautiful Finnish countryside, the music choices and the casting of two of the country’s most beloved performers all show Kaurismaki celebrating his patrimony even as he gently satirizes male relationships. The overall tone is sweeter than usual for the helmer/co-writer, without being overly sentimental."
    Alyssa Simon, Variety


Awards & Recognition

Best Actor
Bari Int'l. Film Festival
Golden Spike
2012 Valladolid Int'l. Film Festival
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