Open Up to Me

Directed by Simo Halinen
Corinth Films
95 Minutes
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Maarit has successfully managed to live what she considers a double life – a male body transformed into a woman. Maarit’s new life and body have come with a considerable price: an estranged wife and daughter, the feeling of being a stranger in a familiar but cold world, and a nagging conscience to confess her sexual identity to would-be employers and those who try to get too close. Most of all she longs to revive the relationship with her estranged daughter Pinja.


  • Leea Klemola
  • Peter Franzén
  • ria Kataja
  • Marika Parkkomäki
  • Emmi Nivala
  • Alex Anton
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Discs: 1

  • Highest Rating
    "By the film’s conclusion, a number of situations have changed and characters grown and/or come to terms with their inability to grow. Either way, they and we have learned something and in the process quite enjoyed the experience."
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