Espaldas Mojadas

Directed by Alejandro Galindo
Music Video Distributors, Inc.
114 Minutes
Spanish, English
Drama, Classics, Latin American
Not Rated
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Espaldas Mojadas is a classic Mexican film from 1955, that is still relevant today, which portrays the difficult working conditions for Mexicans who decide to emigrate to the U.S. in search of the American dream. Mexican worker Rafael Améndola runs from the police and crosses the Mexican-American border, helped by an American, who gives work to illegal migrants. Once in the United States, Rafael struggles to adapt to his new life. New 4K restoration.


  • David Silva
  • Victor Parra
  • Martha Valdés
  • Oscar Pulido
  • Pedro Vargas

Awards & Recognition

Best Original Story
Silver Ariel
Film of Major National Interest
Silver Ariel