Babai (Father)

Directed by Visar Morina
Heretic Outreach
104 Minutes
Germany, Kosovo, North Macedonia, France
Albanian, German, Serbian, English, Italian
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Ten-year old Nori and his father Gezim earn their living by selling cigarettes in pre-war Kosovo of the nineties. Gezim will hear nothing of Nori’s mother. He is an expert at escaping the past and now he wants to flee Kosovo, without Nori. But the boy tries everything in his means to prevent his dad from leaving. An accident results. The shocked father takes Nori to the hospital. When Nori gets out, his father is gone. Angry, yet determined Nori sets out on a perilous journey and indeed finds his father in Germany. With the persistence only a child can have, he confronts his father with leaving him behind.

  • Highest Rating
    "In an astounding role reversal for a father and son made terrifically credible by young Maloku’s towering debut performance, Nori is sure he has the strength to carry them both-- as long as they stay together."
    Nora Lee Mandel, Maven's Nest
  • Highest Rating
    "Not everything is told; what is unimportant for the story, for the emotional tension, is left in the background - and that is what makes the mastery of the film."
    Harald Mühlbeyer, Kino-Zeit
  • Highest Rating
    "New discovery Val Moloku impressively embodies the strong-willed, witty Nori, who always knows how to help himself and never falls into the role of the pitiful victim."
    Ulf Lepelmeier, artechock
  • Highest Rating
    "Main actor Val Maloku deserves special praise who, despite his young age, carries the film with an authentic performance."
    Leinwand Reporter
  • Highest Rating
    "With “Babai”, filmmaker Visar Morina processes a multitude of self-experienced topics on his flight to Germany, which marked him for a long time. A really great film about the ongoing refugee crisis from the eyes of a ten year old child."
    Ronny Dombrowski , Cinetastic

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