David Geddes

Award-winning Director of Photography David Geddes began his career with extensive experience in investigative journalism, short subjects, and documentaries. He has flown into fires with water bombers, climbed 200 foot trees, swum with whales, traveled with reindeer herders in Siberia and documented the lives of heads of state, musicians, scientists and ordinary working men and women. 

David’s series credits as a Director of Photography include 21 Jump Street starring Johnny Depp and featuring guest actors such as Brad Pitt, Bridget Fonda, and Blair Underwood; Dark Angel, John Doe, Jake 2.0, Beverly Hills 90210, Neon Rider and Point Pleasant. David’s more than 50 feature, pilot and television film credits run the gamut of action, suspense, comedy and romance, including Nearing Grace, Halloween Resurrection, Here’s To Life, Fatal Error, Killing Mr. Griffin, When a Stranger Calls Back, Scarecrow and A Call To Remember.