Yehoram Gaon

Yehoram Gaon

Yehoram Gaon, informally spelled Yoram Gaon (1939-) is an Israeli singer and actor.

His career as a singer started when he joined the Nahal Brigade band in the IDF. He later joined the band "Yarkon Bridge Trio", where he performed along with Arik Einstein and Beni Amdorsky. All three became stars in the Israeli popular culture.

Gaon's singing recognition also caused many Israeli composers and song writers to personally ask him to perform their songs. He is the most known singer of Naomi Shemer's Od Lo Ahavti Dai (lit. I have not Loved Enough Yet). Additionally, Gaon performed at the Nobel Prize ceremony of Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat.

As an actor, Gaon started his career by starring in the musical film Kazablan. There he performed the songs Kol HaKavod (Congratulations!), and Yesh Makom (There is a Free Spot), which are associated with him to this day.

Because of the film's success, Gaon became a sensation and was invited to act in other films. His most notable starring role was in the Israeli film Mivtza Yonatan (Operation Thunderbolt), where he played Jonathan Netanyahu. He also starred in his own auto-biography feature, called Ani Yerusalmi (I'm a Jerusalemite). Yehoram Gaon also starred in several TV series, such as Krovim Krovim, which was the first Israeli sitcom.

He hosted the Israel Broadcasting Authority documentary series for the Jubilee Year, entitled, T'kuma. In 1998 he resigned from the show, claiming it glorified Arab terrorists.

Yehoram Gaon had his own TV show called Shishi BeGaon (Friday with Gaon) on Israeli Channel One. The show ran for many years and was very successful in Israel. Currently Gaon hosts a weekend talk show on commercial Channel 2.