Julie Ryan

Julie Ryan

Julie Ryan grew up in country Victoria and worked at a variety of jobs ranging from hospitality to advertising and marketing before relocating to South Australia in 1996.

After briefly working as an assistant in a film publicity company, Ryan entered the Australian film industry when she worked as production secretary with Rolf de Heer on The Sound of One Hand Clapping in 1996.

Ryan then joined Vertigo Productions as production manager on de Heer's feature film Dance Me to My Song, which was selected for Cannes in 1998. She then produced the award winning SBS documentary, Heather Rose Goes To Cannes, which followed lead actor/co-writer Heather Rose through the festival experience from her home in suburban Adelaide to the film's premiere at Cannes.

In 1999, Ryan worked as production manager on Mushroom Picture's feature film, Cut.

In 1999, Ryan spent three months in the jungles of French Guyana co-producing her first feature film, The Old Man Who Read Love Stories, a French/Australian co-production starring Richard Dreyfuss, Timothy Spall and Hugo Weaving.

Ryan's next feature, The Tracker, was shot entirely on location in the rugged Northern Flinders Ranges and premiered to critical acclaim at the Adelaide Festival of Arts and at the Venice International Film Festival in 2002.

Alexandra's Project marks Ryan's third consecutive feature as producer with writer/director Rolf de Heer.