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  • YEAR 13 - FILM 1 / 
  • Turkey and Ukraine / 
  • 2013 / 
  • English, Russian, Ukrainian & Turkish with English subtitles / 
  • 90 min
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Sasha is an attractive young Ukranian woman who finally decides to end her dead-end relationship with a married man. Cemal, bound by tradition to marry a girl he's never met, is dragged by his uncle and cousin from Turkey to Kiev for a decadent bachelor party. When their paths cross at a nightclub, everything changes for these two lost souls. Sasha, who dreams of having a child, sees a one-night stand who she can use to get pregnant. Cemal is immediately drawn to Sasha's confident independence, so unlike the women back home. Despite the cross cultural barriers, the chemistry between them is undeniable, soon blossoming into the deep emotional experience of true love.

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Customer Reviews

Ron - Customer Review
Good movie. It haunts you in a good way when it's over. It starts out as a typical romance film then turns into something special. I thought the lead actors where good and had chemistry. This is the kind of film you watch at night with someone special or a bowl of nacho's and salsa!:)

irene - Customer Review

JeffinSeattle - Customer Review
A man follows a group of chauvinistic men from Turkey to Kiev to celebrate his Bachelor party. He is engaged to a woman he barely even know. The group of men has a rather narrow view of women (There are two kinds of women). Dig that story about the Viking King who conquered Ukraine and hates ugly women. The man fell in love at first sight to a call woman. He was expecting a night of love-making, but instead he spent and evening and the following day with an adventure in Kiev with the woman of his dreams. Activities includes looking for the woman's grandmother through the subway system, spending the night in custody for a crime he did not commit, and so on and so forth. It was an experience they would never forget.

Dan Mullen - Customer Review
I think this may be a dramedy instant classic for me. The ending was a tough pill to swallow but its poignancy was fitting and made for a much more raw, humanistic ending than if it had been sugarcoated. Loved the Ukrainian setting and people. Great performances by the leads!

Ignatz - Customer Review
If this film were in English, most viewers would find it quite offensive. The basic message is that Turkish all men are at their core honorable and good, even when going off to foreign lands to engage the services of prostitutes, and all Ukrainian women, with the exception of a few saintly grandmothers, are whores. This film is so incredibly sexist (as well as badly written, shot and edited) that it's hard to believe that it found a distributor in the US, and that the state Ukrainian film board saw fit to help in its financing and production.


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