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Directed by John Francis Black
  • United States / 
  • 2007 / 
  • German with English subtitles / 
  • 17 min
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Carrying haunting memories from time spent in a concentration camp, a man seeks out the surviving members of the Lustig family. He brings a secret to their doorstep that only the strength and courage of the deceased allows him to reveal.

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Customer Reviews

John H. - Customer Review
This is simply my all time favorite short film. The story is riveting and a reminder to us all about the terrible truths that live in our past.

Jai Jamison - Customer Review
A powerful film that sticks with you long after the credits have run. Directed with a clear vision and immense skill, the film is engaging from the first frame. Beautifully shot, well acted...really the only flaw in the film is that you wish it were longer. Definitely worth a watch, half an hour well spent (I watched it twice).

Marshall Groom - Customer Review
Lustig is one of the best shorts I have ever seen. Moving story, great cinematography, excellent acting. It has more going for it than most full length films. I highly recommend it!

Kyle D. - Customer Review
A highly engrossing film. From the first frame, the director (John Francis Black II) brings you right into the both bleak and hopeful post-war world of the characters. Haunting performances from the actors combined with suburb directing and cinematography make this deeply personal film a must-see.

John Hunter - Customer Review
Witness the history and courage of two men. Lustig, who stepped forward to spare the lives of many in a concentration camp and the man living with the guilt of knowing who was to blame. He brings the news and truth of this story to the Lustig family and he must confess his guilt. This is a very good short film that you must see!

Steven S. - Customer Review
This film was done very well. Story, if true, was very powerful. Brought a tear to my eye. Nice job.

Dave H. - Customer Review
Make no mistake: Lustig is a film that deals in difficult subjects. Whether it's the inhuman brutality of concentration camps, a child's loss of his father, or the seemingly impossible task of telling a family that you were the cause of a loved one's death, the film is a testament to the human spirit's ability to endure, and, eventually, move forward. While the subjects themselves are hard, Lusitg as a film is moving without being dismal, and chronicles the strength that we all possess--yet never know we have until we need it. The score, the painstakingly accurate sets & costumes, and the rich characters themselves show that Writer/Director John Black took great time and effort to give this true story the respect it deserves.

Jeff in Seattle - Customer Review
Forgiveness? "No way!"


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Still from LUSTIG
LUSTIG Movie Photo
Still from LUSTIG