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Directed by Keren Yedaya
  • YEAR 8 - FILM 6 / 
  • Israel / 
  • 2009 / 
  • Hebrew with English subtitles / 
  • 105 min
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"Absorbing and touching!"
– Ray Bennett, The Hollywood Reporter
"An honest and movie look at just how hard it is for love to conquer all."
– Nora Lee Mandel
"A triumph in every sense of the word...Israeli import Jaffa is downright fantastic!"
– Sara Michelle Fetters, Movie Freak


In the heart of the Israeli city of Jaffa, Reuven's garage is a family-run business. The garage workers consist of Reuven's beautiful daughter Mali, his aggressive and distant son Meir, as well as the young Palestinian man, Toufik. No one suspects that Mali and Toufik have been in love for years, and that Mali is pregnant with Toufik's child. As the two lovers secretly make their wedding arrangements, tension steadily builds between Toufik and Meir, who openly voices his disdain and prejudices about Arabs. As these relationships continue to intensify, emotions begin to boil, resulting in an astonishing conclusion.

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Customer Reviews

Sharon - Customer Review
Wonderful film! The pacing is perfect, and the camera lingers just as it should, after building characters fully to you can really percolate in their emotion and thought. Ronit Elkabetz as we know is a national treasure, but I was also thoroughly impressed by Dana Ivgy's performance. Deft directing from Yedaya. Like life, there are no winners or losers...there just is people.

Gursimran Datla - Customer Review
Keren Yedaya, using her talent of telling a story, presenting Reuven's story with His daughter Mali and his son Meir, as well as Toufik, a young Palestinian, work in his garage. Jaffa is the second film of Keren. Emotional family drama with quite well performance from Ronit Elkabetz and Dana Ivgy, who also played mother and daughter in Keren Yedaya's previous movie Or (My Treasure). film is watchable and very slow paced drama which gones with the narrative style. especially using zooms effectively is a positive point in this storytelling.

Jeff in Seattle - Customer Review
This film was done well, but the pace just plods on. Also, I had a case of deja vu when watching this film. Oh, yeah! It is similar to "For My Father". Nothing new here. Same old tired message. I prefer "For My Father" over this slow film.

Lee Walker - Customer Review
Well made, interesting location but slooooooow! Had to use fast forward to stay awake.


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Osnat (Ronit Elkabetz)
JAFFA Movie Photo
Mali (Dana Ivgy) and Toufik (Mahmoud Shalaby)
JAFFA Movie Photo
Mali (Dana Ivgy)
JAFFA Movie Photo
Osnat (Ronit Elkabetz) & Reuven (Moni Moshonov)
JAFFA Movie Photo
Director Keren Yedaya
JAFFA Movie Photo
Jaffa Poster Art
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