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Directed by Matthew Saville
  • YEAR 6 - FILM 4 / 
  • Australia / 
  • 2007 / 
  • English / 
  • 109 min
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"[Noise] kicks off with a wallop, then constantly confounds expectations by approaching its subject matter from fresh directions."
– Michael Rechtshaffen, The Hollywood Reporter


This is a story about the wrong person in the right place at the wrong time. Two heinous crimes have left a suburban town reeling. Police quickly connect them but are desperate for witnesses as the local community enfolds itself in a shroud of secrecy, borne from fear and an untrammeled mistrust of authority. A young police constable, Graham McGahan, suffers from a chronic hearing problem and applies for worker's compensation. To his chagrin, he is stationed at a police caravan near the crime scene. Living on the periphery of the investigation, McGahan crosses paths with the various people affected by the tragedies and uncovers an unraveling nightmare of guilt and suspicion.

Editorial Reviews

by Michael Rechtshaffen

“It's clear from the first few minutes of Matthew Saville's "Noise" that this highly compelling first feature has no intention of being your average, run-of-the-mill thriller…[Noise] kicks off with a wallop, then constantly confounds expectations by approaching its subject matter from fresh directions.”

--Michael Rechtshaffen/ The Hollywood Reporter - Review

By Russell Edwards

“"Noise" is a slickly executed experiment full of sound and fury.”

--Russell Edwards/ Variety - Review

“"Noise" turns the police thriller genre inside out by exploring the ripple effects of a heinous crime rather than the splash. Set in a close-nit, suburban community in Australia, a hearing-impaired constable is assigned to a police caravan near the scene of two recent, horrific acts. Writer/director Matthew Saville uses the young constable to both sharpen and mystify the POV as the cop mixes with the guilty and suspicious citizens to uncover a deeper horror.”

--Unknown/ Indiewire - Review


By Luke Buckmaster

Noise is so many things at once: a quietly enlightening character piece, a social study of conscience and decency, a catch-the-killer police story. It finds new angles and directions as it rolls along, never simplifying for the dumb-dumbs in the audience and constantly enlightening its complications and grey areas with fresh perspectives as it progresses. Interpret the film as an allegory or a metaphor, or just sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s a sublimely harrowing cop movie and a powerful psychological thriller that refuses to succumb to conventional definitions. Don’t miss it.

--Luke Buckmaster/ In Film Australia - Review

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Customer Reviews

Roland lotz - Customer Review
It probably was a good movie but I had real problems understanding what the diddldy squat they were talking about because of the Aussi accent. Now I have no idea who subtitles your movies but could they not ALL be done and sold with subtitles, this may help the Hearing Impaired as well as someone like me who generally has problems following conversations and dialogs other than North American I.e. movies from England Ireland etc.

Jeff in Seattle - Customer Review
A good film from Aussie! However, this is not the typical police drama where the cops track down the criminals. It's pretty much about a cop assigned to a caravan dealing with people in the crime scene area. These characters can range from those directly involved (a lone survivor of a terrible crime), indirectly involved ("Lucky Phil") and those with no connection, i.e., a troublemaker who either wants attention or is just trying to mislead the cops with potentially false information. Note to the hearing-impaired: This film is closed-captioned, so you can purchase this film with confidence.


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NOISE Movie Photo
Maia Thomas (Lavinia) & Brendan Cowell(McGahan)
NOISE Movie Photo
Maia Thomas (Lavinia)
NOISE Movie Photo
Henry Nixon (Craig)
NOISE Movie Photo
Brendan Cowell (McGahan) & Katie Wall (Caitlin)
NOISE Movie Photo
Brendan Cowell (Graham McGahan)
NOISE Movie Photo
Brendan Cowell (Graham McGahan)
NOISE Movie Photo
Noise poster (hi res)
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