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Directed by Cyril Paris
  • France / 
  • French with English subtitles / 
  • 10 Minutes
This short film is not available for purchase individually. It can be purchased with the feature film, THE VIOLIN.
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A primary school teacher shows her pupils some daily newspapers. In an effort to take a closer look, one student tears Le Monde into pieces. The teacher punishes him and asks him to glue the pieces of the newspaper back together. His inventive reconstruction of the news will have surprising effects on Le Monde – 'the world.' 

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Customer Reviews

Cyril Paris - Customer Review
As the director of this short, I just want to tell you that we're nominated for the European Film Awards as the only french film. After more than 40 selections and 10 prizes across the world the kiss has been really done to the world...

Jeff in Seattle - Customer Review
I'm a sucker for films that promotes and encourages imagination. The film appears to be a promotion for France's major newspapers. Check out Stella Artois' new commercial in this month's DVD. Typical beer humor, but still hilarious. I recognize one of the prisoners from France's film, "City of Lost Children".