Giffoni Film Festival

Giffoni Film Festival

The GFF was born in 1971 from a Claudio Gubitosi idea that is to promote and allow cinema for youngsters to develop, elevating it from a niche and marginal position to a respectful, competitive and quality genre.

"Of all the festivals, the Giffoni Film Festival is the most necessary one".  This is the final sentence of a letter signed by Fran├žois Truffaut which has become an important heritage with reference to his visit to the GFF in 1982.

There are two fundamental characteristics that make the GFF "concept" one of a kind:

- a Jury composed solely of youngsters

- Its setting: the little village named Giffoni Valle Piana.

In the process the number of the jurors has grown to 1500 units, whilst the countries participating in the event are now 30, from all the continents of the world. The jurors' age ranges from 6 to 19. They are divided into 4 different sections in accordance to their age. Their task is to: watch, judge, discuss, vote for the films in competition, with no interference by adults.