Mark Osbourne

Mark Osbourne

The production of MORE consumed my life and the lives of the creative team for the better part of a year. Though it was only a 6 minute short, it was an absolutely massive undertaking- as it was the first stop-motion film ever shot in the IMAX format.

As the writer and director, I knew we faced an epic challenge early on. With a small grant from a family friend and an incredible amount of donated resources and services, I had no means to pay anyone a fair wage. But I demanded from the crew so much time, attention and talent that it probably would've constituted a human rights violation had Amnesty International found out about it.

Despite the grueling conditions, constant mistakes, technical challenges and periods of real tension between me and the crew- the film was miraculously completed.

When MORE was first screened in the Fall of 1998, this small and very personal film suddenly began to generate critical praise and attention. Within a very short period of time it had screened worldwide, won a lot of awards and was nominated for an Academy-Award® for Best Animated Short Film.

Mark is directing a new animated feature called Kung Fu Panda starring Jack Black, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan and Ian McShane.