Patricia Melo

Patricia Melo

Patricia Melo published her first novel Acqua Toffana in 1994, by Companhia das Letras, obtaining great recognition from critic and public.

The Killer (original title "O Homem do Ano"), her second novel, published in 1995, also by Companhia  das Letras, not only established her position in modern Brazilian literature, but also in the international scene.  The book was published in France (Albin Michel, 1996), Italy (Feltrinelli, 1996), England (Bloomsbury, 1997), Spain (Ediciones B, 1997), The Netherlands (Wereldbibliotek, 1997), and Norway (Aschenhoug,1998), always with great acclaim.

The Killer conferred Patrícia Melo the indication, in 1996, for the Prix Femina (one of the most important literary prizes in France) and the prizes Deux Océans (France, 1996) and the Deutscher Krimi Preis (Germany, 1998). The Killer was listed in World Literature Today as one of the best novels published in the 90´s in Brazil.

Patrícia Melo was included among the fifty "Latin American Leaders for the New Millenium" in Time Magazine in 2000.

She is also a playwright, having adapted Malady of Death by Marguerite Duras, which received four indications for the Mambembe prize (Brazil, 1987).  The author wrote the play Two Women and a Cadaver, which stayed on stage in 2000 and 2001 in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, with Fernanda Torres and Débora Bloch in the leading roles.  The play was a great success of public  and critic.

Patrícia Melo is also a TV and movie scriptwriter and was responsible for the adaptation of O Caso Morel and Bufo & Spallanzani, written by Rubem Fonseca and directed by Flávio Tambelini, which received the prize of best script at a movie festival in Miami in 2001.  She was scriptwriter of O Xangô de Baker Street, written by Jô Soares and directed by Miguel Farias, and Cachorro!, inspired in the work of Nelson Rodrigues, directed by José Henrique Fonseca and produced by Conspiração Filmes

The author published her third novel, In Praise of Lies, in May 1998 (Companhia das Letras).  The book has been published in England (Bloomsbury), Germany (Klett-Cotta), United States (Bloomsbury/USA), Spain (Grijalbo Mondadori), the Netherlands (Wereldbibliotek), France (Actes Sud), Portugal (Campo das Letras), Italy (Fanucci), Finland (Albert Bonniers Forlag) and China (Choice), amongst other countries.

In September 2000, she published Inferno (Companhia das Letras),    the saga of a druglord which received the Jabuti prize (Brazil, 2000). The  novel has already been published in France and Portugal and will be published in Spain, Italy, Germany and England this year (2003). In October 2001, Time Magazine published the article The Murder Business written by Patrícia Melo.

The author lives in Rio de Janeiro and is presently working on her new novel.