Benoît Delépine

Benoît Delépine

Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern cut their teeth – during 15 years – writing and acting on TV as stand-up comedians. One of them worked for Guignols de l'info and Groland (both access prime time spoof shows on Canal+ pay TV), while the other was performing in Le Plein de Super (rock music programme).

They met each other 5 years ago on the set of Grolandsat, a totally independent show shot on DV. They used this as a testing ground to develop new narrative solutions, while writing small features that became increasingly elaborate.

Whilst working on Toc, toc, toc (a comic series), they had a chance to meet with highly acclaimed French cult feature director, Maurice Pialat, who talked them into making films. Thus, their first attempt: Don Quixote and the Revolution a road movie featuring an anarchist biker and a pizza delivery boy on a moped.

In Aaltra, their first feature film as Directors, they wanted to capture a dash of life they feel is often lacking in contemporary productions. They achieved this by mingling actors and non-professionals, hidden camera and staged shots as well as written and improvised dialogues. During the filmmaking, they managed to incorporate the unexpected locations and encounters that crossed their path into the overall story.

Their encounter with Aki Kaurismäki will remain for them the highlight of their life.