Lukas Haas

Lukas Haas

Lukas has been starring in films for over 20 years and has just completed his most controversial role in Gus Van Sant's new production Last Days.  He plays a member of a band inspired by the group NIRVANA.  Michael Pitt also stars in the film.

In 1984, at the age of seven, Mr Haas auditioned with hundreds of others and won the titled role of Samuel, opposite Harrison Ford in the Peter Weir film, Witness (1985). His performance as the Amish child who is the sole witness to an undercover cop's murder won the hearts of movie-goers and the acclaim of the critics. Julie Salamon of the Wall Street Journal wrote "The somber clear eyed little Samuel is exquisitely played by Lukas Haas."

Lukas went on to other starring roles in such films as Lady in White, The Wizard of Lonliness, and Alan and Naomi, co written by his mother Emily Tracy Haas. 

Lukas stretched his acting to the stage when director Mike Nichols cast him along side Steve Martin and Robin Williams in Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" at Lincoln Center in New York City. No stranger to difficult and demanding work, Lukas earned praise and an Emmy nomination
in another title role playing the brave AIDS victim Ryan White in The Ryan White Story.  He then went on to work with director Costa Govras opposite Jessica Lange in The Music Box.

Lukas also starred opposite Robert Duvall in CONVICTS, the story of a youngster's friendship with an old man on a plantation after the Civil War.

Lukas has worked with some of the greatest directors in his career, including Peter Weir (WITNESS), Woody Allen (EVERYBODY SAYS I LOVE YOU), Mike Nichols, Tim Burton (MARS ATTACKS). He's also distinguished himself in roles such as the street hustler in JOHNS and opposite
Winona Ryder in BOYS.

Lukas has recently sung with the group OUTKAST and performed with MACY GRAY.